Winter Fun

2015 was off with a bang ! In January, I had fun shooting the Hanging Tree Parody with The Key of Awesome. Click here to watch the hilarious video.

Key of Awesome Hanging Tree Parody

Wearing ridiculous matching wigs on set with Katie Hartman and Todd Womack.


I also had a great time on set with a film I have been part of since last year, a screwball comedy murder mystery called Nick and Nicky. It was an adventure participating in my first overnight shoot at the gorgeous St. Regis Hotel. Click here to watch the fabulous opening scene of the film.

Rachel and Glen Nick and Nicky

Chilling at the King Cole Bar with Glen North ( who plays my BFF, Trevor in the film)


In February, I was asked to read the lead role in a gorgeous play called All the Better Angels written by the immensely talented Louise Flory. It was a pleasure and a challenge to be able to strech my acting muscles in this brilliant and complex piece. The reading was presented as part of the fantastic MTWorks Newborn Festival of new play readings.