Short Film & Summer Show

In late April, I wrapped a super fun lead role in “Tumble Dry” written by Gabe Waldman and directed by Stephen Riscica and Delia Kelly. The film examines online dating and I play an unhinged suitor, Nicole,  opposite the wonderful Jacob A. Ware. Here’s a screen grab of one of my close ups, Mr. DeMille!

I’m also gearing up to for a super summer show with my theatre company, Adjusted Realists.  Here’s a little blurb: Nodding to Queen Bey but based on the Anton Chekhov story “The Fiancée,” The Beyoncé is a razor sharp and deeply personal coming-of-age conundrum produced by Adjusted Realists (Gluten!, Chickens in the Yard).

With her wedding around the corner, Nadia is terrified to discover that her heart doesn’t want what it obviously should want: a decent husband and a stable, small town family life. She instead fantasizes about running off to the bright lights of the big city, immersing in counterculture, and leaving her family to fend for their own little existences. Is this a selfish daydream or a full-body call to adventure that must be answered?

Time Out New York has called playwright Eliza Bent (Toilet Fire, Aloha Aloha) “this generation’s answer to Amy Sedaris: frank, weird and immensely likable,” and The New York Times describes her work as at once “droll and thought provoking” and “irresistibly raucous and impassioned.” This next entry in her increasingly vital repertoire of social satire promises to be one of the must-see hits of the summer. I’ll play Nina’s mother, Nadia.


And in other news, Dead Shot Mary LIVES! My husband Robert K. Benson wrote a pilot of  my solo show which has been making the TV Pilot screenwriting competition circuit. He’s bagged  a quarter finalist title with ScreenCraft , a semi finalist spot with Stage32  and made it to the final round of the inaugural Episodic Lab with the Orchard Project. Anyone wanna produce this puppy?