The Beyoncé by Eliza Bent

I had a wonderful summer playing the role of Nina Shumin in Eliza Bent’s Chekovian riff, The Beyoncé.  We had great crowds and some fabulous reviews!

5 stars. An absolute treat…The world created by Bent and director Stephen Kaliski is built with love…Bent so skillfully tickles the audience with her witty banter. It’s irresistible, and poignant exactly where it needs to be…One feels, by the end of the play, that all roads led to where Nadia ends up standing. The prose gifted to her by Bent is so pure and spell-binding that the story points not to Nadia’s decision, but to the power that lies in committing oneself to a path, and living entirely for the moment as it comes.” -Ben Odom, Plays to See 

“Ms. Bent’s work has a cadence that makes you think and ponder the balance between self and selfish. I have thought a lot on this subject since seeing this play. If you get a chance go
check out this profound piece of work.” -Suzanna Bowling, Times Square Chronicles